I worked on the seeding job off and on all day on Saturday and finally got it done. It always seems to take longer than you expect.

I used a lot more of the yard of dirt than I expected. I filled in a couple of low spots and then spread a thin layer out over the whole area.

My first dilemma was getting the seed mixture that I wanted. I consulted this article from the NDSU Extension service that recommends a mixture of Bluegrass (55-65%), Fescue (30-35%) and perennial Ryegrass (10-15%) for our climate. But I couldn't find a mix anywhere close to this after checking home improvement stores and a big box retailer. Now I didn't look far and wide, so I may have been able to find it with more looking, but I was getting a bit desparate on a Saturday afternoon to get the seed down. My solution was to mix a bag I found with about a 33-33-33 mixture with seed from a bag of pure Kentucky Bluegrass. I didn't do the math, but I figured that I got closer to the proper mixture that way.

So after leveling out the soil, I spread some starter fertilizer and followed that up with the seed. I used a hand spreader rather than throwing it out by hand in order to get an even distribution. I added some grass clipping to act as a mulch. Now I have to water it a couple of times a day for a few weeks. Since it's not pure Bluegrass (which has a slower germination), I should see some of the ryegrass and fescue coming up fairly quickly. I'll post some pictures soon.

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Anonymous said...

It is to bad you did not check with All Season's or Shea's, they usually carry locally grown grass seed from the Argyle area. Much better then the stuff from a big box store.