Spring is Here!

Despite last night's snow in Grand Forks, it appears spring is finally here. I have some big plans for the yard, but it's too early to do too much right now.

As we reported on Friday night on WDAZ, it's early for all but the lightest raking on your lawn. Willie Huot from NDSU Extension told our reporter, Christine Boggy, that you can do some raking, but if your yard feels spongy beneath your feet, you could risk damaging your turf.

It is definitely too early to apply fertilizer. If you followed my instructions from last fall, you put down a winterizer treatment that should help when the grass finally starts to grow, but putting down a treatment now would just be throwing away money since grass is not ready to come out of its dormant state yet.

Check back in a few weeks when we start to see the grass really start to green up.